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DALI Presence Detector

Smart DALI presence detector (no DALI addresses used)

Delmatic’s DALI presence detector enhances energy efficiency by relating lighting and connected services to occupation.

The ultra-compact, passive infra-red detector is fully software-configurable for presence or absence detection, adjustable time-out period and enhanced options for darkness and absence extension modes.

The single-piece lens and bezel blends discretely into ceilings and fixtures while the unique “connect-anyhow” feature simplifies installation.

  • intelligent PIR sensor with signal detection analysis
  • open DALI communication
  • presence or absence detection
  • configurable time-out
  • dim-to-off option
  • absence detection extension and darkness mode
  • infra-red interface for local override
  • connect-anywhere DALI options
  • no DALI addresses occupied
  • 6m detection range at 2.5m mounting height
  • integrated signal and function LED
  • ultra-compact low-profile design

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