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IP DALI Buswire Six Module

Class leading Ethernet to the Edge DALI router

Delmatic’s IP DALI Buswire Six hub is a cutting-edge smart Ethernet to the Edge DALI router combining latest DALI-2 functionality with full BACnetIP and MQTT integration.

The powerful device manages and monitors up to six DALI universes comprising DALI-2 and DALI drivers as well as DALI-2 devices such as presence detectors, absence detectors, multisensors, switches and scene-set panels.

The IP DALI Buswire Six hub uses Ethernet as a network backbone to seamlessly communicate with other DALI Hubs and presents real-time DALI and network data in open protocol BACnet and MQTT formats for unrivalled management, monitoring and smart data sharing. Delmatic’s new IP DALI devices are the first to be globally qualified as Smart Ready.

  • individual addressing and monitoring of up to 384 (6 x 64) DALI-2 drivers (control gear) across 6 DALI universes
  • individual monitoring of up to 64 DALI-2 control devices (sensors/switches) within each universe
  • individual control of up to 6 x 16 software-configured DALI-2 groups across 6 DALI universes
  • individual failure monitoring of each DALI-2 lamp and DALI-2 driver
  • individual DALI-2 emergency light testing and monitoring via DALI-2 Emergency devices
  • concurrent communication with latest DALI-2 drivers and legacy DALI drivers
  • DALI-2 drivers, sensors, switches and emergency devices connect to shared DALI network
  • TCP/IP via a 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet Interface
  • BACnet over IP communication
  • MQTT communication and data sharing
  • four individually addressed volt-free input points
  • four individually addressed volt-free output points
  • 24V power supply input
  • compact DIN rail design
  • certified DALI-2
IP DAli buswire six module

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