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Plug-in Switching Module One Ten Six

Total flexibility, total plug-in connectivity and fully upgradeable to DALI

Delmatic’s Plug-in One Ten module is a smart hub providing fully flexible switching of ten luminaires, complete plug-in connectivity, and out-of-the-box functionality: a plug-in capsule upgrades the module to include comprehensive DALI dimming and monitoring.

The module is equipped with ten individually addressed relays providing independent 230V switching of each output to control lights or other devices such as blind motors, valves etc.

  • 10 individual switched 230V outputs
  • each output 10A resistive, 3A inductive
  • 10A maximum loading
  • controls and marshals power to luminaires
  • no on-site addressing
  • open protocol LON and BACnet ISO communication
  • total plug-in connectivity for speed and convenience
  • distributed intelligence
  • single or two-fix installation
  • accepts plug-in DALI upgrade capsule

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