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Smart IP Router

Optimises transmission of data across the building IP network

Delmatic’s Smart IP Routers form the backbone of the lighting management system network and optimise the transmission of data across the building IT networks.

The router connects Lon devices to IP-based applications, and incorporates built-in drivers for LonWorks and LNS Remote Network Interface as well as Modbus, M-Bus, and SOAP/XML.
The device is configured and managed through Delmatic Lightscape software as well as on-board web pages, and accepts direct digital inputs and provides digital output points.

Passcode protected controls provide access to master functions and emergency test routines, and the unit accepts the connection of a laptop or handheld device for local configuration and monitoring.

  • optimises data transmission across building IT/ IP network
  • code-protected master control overrides
  • master functions for e-test, load shed, global on/off
  • integral digital inputs and digital relay outputs
  • incorporates integral network termination resistors
  • uses open Lon and BACnet ISO communication
  • drivers for Lon, LNS RNI, Modbus, M-Bus, and SOAP/XML
  • real-time signal, Ethernet and comms monitoring
  • ISO/IEC 14908-4 (IP-852) routing of Lon over IP network
  • 10/100BaseT, auto-selecting, auto polarity

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