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The ultimate in desktop touch control

Delmatic’s compact desktop touchpad delivers the ultimate in touchscreen looks and experience, providing user control and adjustment of lighting and lighting scenes, as well as other services including window blinds and temperature set-point while an integral sensor measures the room temperature at desk level avoiding the need for wall-mounted sensors. The contemporary touchpad combines cast aluminium with 5” touchscreen, stand-by mode with wake-up button, and integral USB charging port. Context-sensitive graphical screens to provide intuitive operation and a wide choice of software configurable functions. The touchpad transmits infra-red data to a ceiling-mounted multisensor. The multisensor enhances overall control through its integral motion detector (configurable for presence or absence detection) and photocell sensor which add presence-related control and daylight-linking to the overall control package.

  • contemporary desktop device
  • integrated scene-setting and control
  • 5” TFT touchpanel
  • high-resolution graphics
  • fully software configurable with images and logos
  • multiple sub-menus with individual options and preferences
  • user control of lighting scenes, blinds and HVAC
  • displays lighting status, temperature and set-point
  • users can flip instantly between functions and services
  • wireless IR communication

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