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The ultimate in desktop touch control

Delmatic Touchpads provide the ultimate in touch convenience whether in an office, a meeting room, smart home, hotel room, patient room – or wherever.

Precision-engineered from aluminium and glass, the Touchpad provides intuitive control of lighting and other connected services including AV, blinds, smart glass and HVAC: an integral sensor measures room temperature.

The Touchpad communicates with a DALI multisensor which also provides energy-efficient presence-detection & daylight-linking.

  • contemporary desktop device
  • precision-engineered from aluminium and glass
  • optically-bonded screen with high-resolution graphics
  • controls lighting, blinds, AV, HVAC and integrated services
  • animated graphics provide powerful, intuitive control
  • integrated thermostat for room temperature monitoring
  • integrated scene-setting and control
  • 7” TFT touchpanel
  • high-resolution 800 x 480 graphics
  • fully software-configurable images, animation and logos
  • wireless IR communication
  • USB charging port

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