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DALI is the global standard for digital dimming and has resulted in lighting control and management systems being applied to a much wider range of project types than was previously the case.

This detailed seminar focuses on DALI technology, looking closely at the technical and installation considerations of DALI, and exploring the various ways in which DALI may be applied.

DALI is best known for the ability to individually address luminaires along a common buswire: what is less well known is that this is only one way of applying DALI and using other DALI approaches can provide all the benefits of DALI without the need to address ballasts.

The seminar drills down into the range of DALI approaches including DALI Buswire, DALI Broadcast, and DALI plug-in as well as the optimum in energy-efficiency – DALI Zero Power. The seminar also looks at the benefits of DALI devices such as DALI presence detectors, DALI photocells, DALI multisensors and DALI switches which connect to the DALI buswire – which can halve network cabling – as well as using DALI relays and DALI for colour changing and Biodynamic lighting applications. The seminar concludes with an exploration of the latest in emergency lighting and testing using DALI.

The seminar covers the following topics:

  • overview of lighting control and management
  • an introduction to DALI
  • technical aspects and considerations of DALI
  • DALI application – Buswire, Broadcast and Plug-in
  • DALI within a lighting management network
  • DALI and integration with other services and systems
  • DALI biodynamic control
  • DALI emergency light testing & monitoring
  • design and application – where to start your design
  • system architecture – how to apply your design

The CPD Seminar or Webinar is accredited by CIBSE and counts towards an individual’s CPD requirement.

The session lasts an hour including ‘question and answer’ period and seminars are typically held at a client’s premises over a breakfast or lunchtime period.

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